Blockchain Wars: IOTA’s Tangle Takes on Ethereum

“In an industry such as the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain’s capabilities have proven to be a particularly strong fit. Interconnected devices require rapid and transparent verification of data, something blockchain’s ledger can handle exceptionally well. However, some have complained that blockchain’s somewhat rigid architecture makes it well-suited for robustly storing small amounts of data. This means it’s not truly scalable for things such as big data storage that has come to be synonymous with IoT.

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VeChain’s Top Managers Severely Punished for Money Leak: Details

[…] Shortly after the hack was revealed, and in accordance with the official statement by the VeChain Foundation, VeChainStats started to create a blacklist that would assist with tracking down the stolen funds . This allowed exchanges to take the necessary steps and prevent deposits from blacklisted addresses from directly hitting the market.”

Source: VeChain’s Top Managers Severely Punished for Money Leak