This is a very important time to “Share”.

We need to get THE HANDBOOK OF COVID-19 PREVENTION & TREATMENT out to as many Medical and Healthcare Front-Liners and medical institutions, as possible.

We all contemplated a “WORLD WAR 3”. This is it on a Global Scale and right at the footsteps of every country around the world.

If the enemy is unseen and deadly, without adequate protection and necessary equipment, we’re literally sending our experienced, battle-scarred Medical Warriors out to confront the invisible enemy “equipped with only a penknife against several M16s with laser beams pointed at their head and heart at a distance of 2-meters“. Forewarned is Forearmed! The Philippines is already ASEAN’s highest casualty in terms of cases of deaths from the Coronavirus. Personal Protection Equipment are much needed to equipment Medical Front-liners.

With special Thanks to KC TAN from Hong Kong who sent the link to the JACK MA FOUNDATION and the access to THE HANDBOOK OF COVID-19 PREVENTION & TREATMENT – please download direct from Alibaba cloud: Handbook English version 英文版: