“[…] The juvenile sea cucumbers that are grown from spawn can be collected by farmers and placed in protected pens, where they are nurtured until they are big enough to be harvested. What makes farming these creatures so versatile is that they are relatively low maintenance, as long as the depth and location are right, the pens are secure and predators are kept away.

[…] “Apart from being more resilient, with a higher tolerance for warming waters than the seaweeds that are cultured here, sea cucumbers are a critical ecosystem engineer and individuals benefit from this and the increased incomes from the sale of mature animals.”

There is a strong market for sea cucumbers and there are many benefits for the local area: it reduces reliance on declining coastal fisheries, enables communities to adapt to the effects of climate change and adds value to locally available biological resources. All of this is key to building strong local bioeconomies and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Source: How Sea Cucumbers are boosting the Bioeconomy in Zanzibar