“[…] This is one of the most worrying concerns faced today: meeting the food needs of a global population that is expected to reach nearly 10 billion people in 30 years’ time, warns the UN. With the pollution and intensive harvesting of the seas, fishing is no longer able to satisfy demand in terms of quality or quantity. Faced with this stark observation, the AMP group (Aquaponic Management Project), an aquaculture expert, is looking to offer a smart and environmentally-friendly agricultural alternative system that produces fish (trout) and vegetables (fruit, vegetables and herbs) in symbiosis without soil. This is what is called aquaponics.

It recreates a natural mini-ecosystem, where the waste from one element becomes the food for another element. This offers a range of benefits: minimal discharges, virtually zero use of chemical additives, low water consumption levels and combined production of fish and vegetables, with reduced requirements for space. This virtuous and innovative system could contribute to global food security, thanks in particular to control over the quality of the produce reared and grown.”

Source: Internet of Things dives into aquaculture