“[…] With 40% of the global workforce, agriculture sector presents 6.4% of the entire world’s economic production and its total worldwide production is $5,084,800 million. If you have ever visited a farm, you would have seen that farmers have complicated ecosystems with seasonal financing structures, careful timing and a lot of moving parts.

After the food leaves the farm for the market, it becomes a part of the vast supply chain involving a lot of intermediaries. Everyone would like to know where the food has been produced before it is served on the plate.

What if you could check the quality of food before you eat it? It could become possible with the use-cases of blockchain in executing contracts and tracking information transparently.

Blockchain agriculture is one of the compelling use cases that makes the process of growing and supplying food simpler. The agriculture supply chain can provide all involved parties with a single source of truth.”

Source: How will Blockchain Agriculture revolutionize the Food Supply from farm to plate?