“[…] Using innovative distributed ledger technologies including blockchain in the Agrifood sector is fundamental for Italy. This will help to improve the production, processing and distribution phases and achieve an aggregate turnover of around 300 billion euros (equal to 11.3 percent of GDP and 9 percent of exports) and damage work for over 3.2 million people (more than 13% of the total).

The relevance of this sector is not limited to economic data alone: ​​in fact, it can be argued that Italian food excellences constitute one of the fundamental factors of Italian Style: 1.3 million businesses, with less than 2.5 employees on average and a turnover of € 230,000 / year.

All this in the knowledge that the world will be increasingly hungry – over the course of 30 years the food needs of the world population will grow by 60 percent – and digital innovation will contribute substantially to feeding it, with its pervasiveness at all levels.

[…] Agriculture 4.0 is the set of interconnected technological tools to make the food industry increasingly digital and therefore: safe, sustainable, productive, optimizing time, resources and working conditions along the entire supply chain. In practice it is a question of applying to the agricultural work solutions such as: drones, sensors, blockchain, big data, processing software, internet of things.

Agriculture 4.0 is therefore applicable at all stages of production and will increasingly have a decisive role for the Made in Italy, the fight against counterfeiting and the management of the consequences of climate change.”

Source: Cultivating Digital Transformation in Italy through Blockchain Technology